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Ice skating training
From late September until March we go ice skating in Nijmegen (Triavium). At IJzersterk you have the opportunity to ice skate twice a week. It is possible to come to both training hours, but it is also possible to come once a week on the day that fits your agenda best.

We have two training groups, a beginners group and an experienced group. The beginners group trains on Monday and Tuesday and the experienced group trains on Monday and Thursday. On Monday, the training will be given by Casper Helling, and on Tuesday and Thursday an experienced IJzersterk member will be the trainer. Usually, ice skaters move from the beginners to the experienced group once they are faster than 50 seconds at the 500 meters. This makes it possible for you to estimate in which group you fit best. If you are not sure which group is the right one for you, please follow a training in the beginners group. Our trainer will give you advice in which group you should train.

An hour before the start of the training we meet up at the Peugeot garage at the ‘Ritzema Bosweg’, where we will carpool to Nijmegen by car.

Summer training
In the summer the skating rinks are closed, but that doesn’t mean we have nothing to do for ice skaters in Wageningen! Some members of IJzersterk take part in bootcamp training, whereas others like to do roller skating or cycling in the summer. Signing up for bootcamp, roller skating or cycling is possible through the website of sportscentre ‘de Bongerd. To join these activities, first you need to purchase sports rights (this also applies for a membership at our association).
-Bootcamp training takes place on Thursday at the Arboretum Belmonte
-Roller skating training takes place on Monday at the roller skating track in Ede. (Please contact us if you would like to know more about this!).
-Cycling training takes place on Monday and Wednesday. The training on Wednesday is organised by the student cycling association Hellingproof.
-’Dry-training’ (Ice skating specific training) takes place on Tuesday and is for every experience level by IJzersterk members. For this training we meet up at the entrance of Arboretum Belmonte. Please contact us if you would like to join this training, this will give us an indication how many people will participate.

A membership at IJzersterk costs 50 euros per year, but it is mandatory that you buy sports rights from the WUR (as it is with every single student sports association in Wageningen). We drive to Nijmegen by car in the winter, for which we ask 6 euros per person for the round trip as travel expenses for the driver.

Combi membership Hellingproof
To lower the threshold of becoming member of two student associations, we have an agreement with Hellingproof (the student cycling association in Wageningen): if you become member of both associations, pay the price of the combi membership of 80 euros!

Purchase skating equipment
To be able to skate, you need skates. Currently, it is not possible to rent ice skates at the ice skating rink in Nijmegen. You can contact us to find out what is possible to use as a try-out. Ice skates come in many different shapes and prices. If you want to buy ice skates, we recommend buying second-hand skates, as they are a lot cheaper and just fine for skating. You can buy second-hand skates via Marktplaats, a Dutch trading site (or another site) or at a skate shop. We understand that you probably don’t speak Dutch, so we would be most willing to help you out buying speed skates. The closest skate shop is Dick Nap in Ede, here you will be helped with the selection of your skates. Furthermore, it is important that you are in possession of gloves and a cap and/or helmet before skating. This is mandatory on the ice rink.

Fun activities
Besides all these trainings we also organise many other fun activities, like drinks, an escaperoom, boardgame nights, a weekend trip and a training week abroad. All of which are great opportunities to get to know other IJzersterk members in different settings and to forge great friendships.

Are you interested in joining IJzersterk or would you like to try out one of our training sessions? Feel free to send us an email via info@wssvijzersterk.nl.